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2)Being Bullied: A bully often feels-

B- Broken ( defeated or discouraged) -Bitter (resentful to others for their pain, and for not having what other children/individuals have) U-Unhappy with physical appearances L- Low self-esteem L- Low or poor academic performance Y- Yearns to be loved and receive affection

Because of his or her frustration, and anger due to the above mentioned feelings, this individual lashes out and hurt others with words and actions, with no concern for the feelings of others.

Lord, today we pray for bullies, that they will be healed of all the pain and unhealthy feelings. Give them the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Instead of being broken or discouraged, they will be ENCOURAGED. In the place of bitterness, they will DEVELOP A SWEET SPIRIT, JOY and CONTENTMENT. Instead of being unhappy with their physical appearance, they will MAKE THE BEST with what they have and TRUST GOD for BETTER THINGS. Instead of low self-esteem, they will be CONFIDENT and LOVE THEMSELVES. Poor academic performance is replaced with AN ALLERT MIND, GREAT FOCUS and A LOVE FOR LEARNING. We thank you Lord, that they receive, LOVE and AFFECTION in Jesus' name amen.

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