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Book Reviews

Grace Alleyne on February 21, 2016


Awesome book that is truly inspired by the Lord as a testimony of His greatness and the applied faith of a vessel that He has chosen to use.  The enemy tries to oppress God's people in a variety of ways.  This book which demonstrates faithfulness and might of our God is a must read for any kind of oppression that you might be experiencing. The enemy is continually being served the back of Jesus each time this book is read.

Michelle Edwards‎ on January 10, 2016

Truly Amazing
What a fascinating testimony of God's miraculous healing! This amazing account of one woman's faith reveals a gracious God who is still active and relevant in the lives of those who trust Him steadfastly.
Read and believe. God still heals diseases!

Eunique Gaim on January 14, 2016


"I Serve You the Back of Jesus," wow!
This is a great testimony, that shows how God works in mysterious ways. It's truly inspiring and let's the reader knows that God is God not only in Bible stories but in our lives.

Janet Meija on December 28, 2015

I Read "I Serve You The Back of Jesus"
It is a great book to read! To think that Lois went through all that and to look at her now...
She is a walking Miracle and a testimony of the Power of Jesus Christ!
I worked with her and never knew she had gone through so much pain. 
God is Amazing!! Thank you Lois for your testimony!

Glennis Smith on December 12, 2015

I questioned the title of this book, ​“I serve you the back of Jesus,” until I read its contents in one sitting. What an inspiration! What an encouragement for any believer or unbeliever experiencing physical ailment whether, it is ongoing or simply threatening. 

I can vividly remember myself and other family members sitting and having a joyful time with our eldest sibling, Eunice (Sister Eunice) who had just arrived to the USA on vacation.  The door slowly opened as Lois moved her feeble frame (then reduced to half of her known size) with tortoise steps into the room. “Lois!” exclaimed Sister Eunice who immediately burst into tears.  My tears followed.  I knew what she was thinking.  The room was nearly silent as Lois continued her journey to a seat with the spirit of a lion, a steady gaze and an uplifting smile.

For myself, a 62 year old who humbly accepts God’s grace of a pain free body, “I SERVE YOU THE BACK OF JESUS” has been a stirring reminder of the under- utilized healing power of the stripes Jesus received for  our healing. This book of easy reading will stir your faith. It has given me tremendous encouragement and has left me with a compelling desire to bless all of my suffering relatives and friends with a copy.

Catherine Elcock on December 11, 2015 

Ms. Francois,

I am so excited to be a witness to see your dream of this book come to fruition. This book was such an easy read, and I was grateful for the evidence of God's faithfulness and provision for you and your family. I have been thoroughly blessed by it. May God continue to bless all of you in a very mighty and special way.

Love and Prayers,
​Catherine Elcock

Karen on December 3, 2015

The book " I Serve You The Back Of Jesus" is an encouraging and inspiring book about the love and healing power of God in our bodies and in other areas of our lives.  It is enjoyable and an easy read.  I go back to this book when I want to reference a situation where God brought a miracle in a practical way and also a supernatural way. This book is truly a testament of God's love and healing power.  When man says that a situation is chronic and has no cure, God says the opposite and does the opposite. Thank you Sister Lois for being obedient to the Lord and writing your wonderful testimony.

Lydia Heelu December 2, 2015 

I read this book the same day i bought it and i finished it in a few hours. It grabbed me so much and i couldn't put it down. I believe God will use this book to bring healing and restoration to multitudes of people, not just to those who are sick with Lupus but other diseases as well. So many people are sick nowadays and many don't know who to turn to. This living, breathing testimony of Sis Lois points them to the great Healer, Jesus Christ. The book is filled with many revelations too. This book is a great example of what God can do when we dare to take Him at his word. I highly recommend this book, not only to those who are seeking and believing God for their healing, but also for those who want to learn how to believe God despite the gruesome circumstances surrounding them or their situations. Jesus paid it all!

Shari Hall on October 13, 2015

​I am reading this book right now and had to stop and give it this review. I am being so thoroughly blessed by it. I also was cured of an incurable disease and when I read Lois story, I am often reminded of my own incredible journey and how faithful God was then and is and will be forevermore. Thank you sooo much Lois Francois for sharing your incredible journey with the world to let us see who God really is. He will give what you need, who you need and how you need it when you choose Faith instead of sight.

Nicola Boodie on December 10, 2015


The blood of Jesus will never loose its power. God cannot lie and His word says that we are healed by the stripes of our Lord Jesus (Isaiah 53: 4-5). I Serve You The Back of Jesus is a testimony to the miracles that still take place today.  The writer takes us through her struggles with lupus and arthritis and her miraculous healing.  It is important to note that her healing took place over a number of years. During this period of physical illness God was building her up spiritually for the plans He had for her. Although your struggles might not be one of physical sickness, this book shows that when you're at your lowest point in life and have no control over your circumstances, your heavenly Father has not forsaken you. This story is an inspiration, it encourages you to completely rely and trust your heavenly Father, being obedient and aware of his presence. Included are also many quotations from the Bible that can be memorized and applied to your circumstances as you journey through this life.

Felicia Popoola on December 2, 2015

My Dear Sister,

​It has been a great pleasure contacting you. Thank you my sister for blessing my pastor and I with copies. I serve you the back of Jesus is a book every child of God should read. It demonstrates the Love and Power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in our time if only we dare to believe.  I thank God for the Grace and gift of Faith He gives you to stand on His Word. The power of believe and confession with the help of Holy Spirit raced you up from the bed of Affliction. May God bless your family for the support they rendered, especially your husband (what a man of God). The book enlightens me more about the important of the STRIPES my Lord took for us especially the BACK. It is very important to be able to hear the voice of God and obey His command. May the Lord Bless you and your family.
Love in Christ,
Felicia Popoola

Joseph Smith on November 29, 2015 

Wow! What an awesome display of God's sustaining grace. You will be hooked from the foreword! Definitely recommend this book to anyone who desires to see the power of prayer and faith.

Michelle R. Julien on November 15, 2015

​This book is such an anointing and adheres to the concept of faith and believing in God's promise.

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