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All proceeds from these products goes to helping families in crisis.





Genuine Faith in Action!!!

Lois Francois shows us what a life of faith looks like. She did not lose hope even when illness seemed to threaten her life. This book will encourage believers to walk by faith and not by sight. It demonstrates the powerful love of God in the life of the believer who applies their faith and stands on His Word".


  This book is for every believer at every stage of their walk. This book is not only about The Amazing n  Miraculous  Healing of Lupus n Arthritis but in her determination to choose to trust in God's Words. It's astounding how she praised n worship while in great pain. This book also lifts thecurtains n allows the reader to see how the evil spirits do come against the believer and how to call on the Miraculous n Supernatural  Power of Jesus Christ. The Revelation of "The Back Of Jesus" is indeed Powerful. Read it and Receive your Healing n let this book help you to go deeper with God. Love this book.   


This book reflects the faith journey and the supernatural experiences of the author. Over the past 23 years I have known Lois as a dear friend and a mighty woman of valor. I can attest to her many hills and valleys. I would recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing a battle of any magnitude in their lives because it will help them to be steadfast on the Word of God throughout their journey.

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