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"I want to testify and share what Lois ministry has done for me and the Joy and Peace it has brought to my Life.  Around the Holidays I started suffering from depression because I spent Thanksgiving alone and anticipated spending Christmas alone also. I started reflecting on my life and all the trials and tribulations that I went through and the enemy kept putting thoughts in my head that the reason I was destined to be alone on the Holidays is because I was a bad person and I was being punished.  As a teenager I lost my mum after High School within my first year of College and life has been very challenging since then. Within the last 8 years I lost my Job, My home went into Foreclosure and I went through a Divorce and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  The enemy kept telling me that the reason all these things happened to me was because I was a bad person and I became even more sad.  I started listening to Lois everyday and realized that the enemy purposely put negative thoughts in people’s mind to make them depressed because I thought it only happened to me.  When listening to Lois everyday it gave me a reason to get out of bed and face the day and I realized I was not alone.  I started listening to worship music and getting my Life organized it has brought such a Peace to my Life and Soul.  I came to realization that the Enemy is a Liar because bad things happen to good people also, as the saying goes “It rains on the Just and the Unjust”. The enemy was convicting me of being a bad person yet my Heavenly Father was making preparation for me not to be alone on Christmas. On Christmas Eve a church member invited me over for dinner and Christmas Eve night my brother and niece called to inform me that they are coming to visit on Christmas. It holds true the saying that God is never late and he is right on time just trust in him.  Now I listen to Lois every day and plan my morning around her broadcast. For me going through that depression I needed daily reflection and inspiration to help fight the battle. It showed me that it is essential to pray daily and whatever the enemy intends for evil, God would turn it around for his Glory.  Thank you Lois for your service and obedience to the Lord and I look forward to growing spiritually also with You. I even found a worship song that describes what I was going through and feeling. The song is I Almost Let Go by Kurt Carr.  On a side note everything that I went through the last few years God has also turned around because I am currently cancer free three years and my job that laid me off has rehired and I moved to a different state to get a new start on Life and the house that was in foreclosure was sold and I want to thank you Jesus for your mercy a your  grace and your blessings and everything you have done for me I thank You and Praise You. Amen. 

I thank God for you Ms. Lois. You are a true blessing from God.
Have a blessed day.

I have been praying for my son to stop smoking Cigarettes. It has been 1 month.
I thank God for the power of prayer.
Prayer, Faith, Trusting and Believing has given me the strength to stay on track and continue moving forward.
I thank God for the strength and progress that God has given my son since his stroke.
My Testimony

Sister Marion Harling

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