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Whatever He says to do - Do it!

What are the benefits of obeying God at all times? I have learned that obeying God does not only give us a sense of purpose and a good feeling on the inside, but it tells God that He can trust us. He can count on us to be His instrument through whom He can use to get His work accomplished in the earth. We are His hands, His feet and His voice. We are the ones to show His love to His people- our brothers and sisters. In addition, I have learned that obedience opens the door to unexpected blessings. Two days after giving the nail technician a book for her sister, she told me she needed to purchased two additional copies of my book- one for a friend who has lupus and one for someone else. When I delivered the books to her, and while she was working with a client in her salon, she loudly said to everyone in the store, "She got healed of lupus and gave my sister a book that she wrote about her healing." She said all of this with a great big smile on her face. She then pointed to a male technician next to me and said, "didn't you tell him you got healed of lupus? He began asking me questions and I was able to share with him God's love and His supernatural work in my life. I left there saying, "Wow God! She is my mouthpiece." She reminded me of the woman at the well in the Bible who told the people what Jesus did for her. This young lady was telling people what God did for me. I am so humbled and thankful to God for using me to share His saving grace and healing power. To God be the glory!

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