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Look What the Lord Has Done

Well, LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE! Last Saturday I visited the Nail Salon-the one I spoke about in November. When the Nail Technician saw me she was beaming from ear to ear, and said to me, "I got some good news for you about my sister." After taking care of her client, she approached me and said. " my sister is pregnant, she has been off all her medications since she has been pregnant and is doing great. The doctors told her previously, not to get pregnant because of the lupus and she has just entered her second trimester of pregnancy and is doing great. (both her and the baby) I am so excited!" I rejoiced with her at God's healing power in her sister's life. Today, I ask of you my family and friends, to remember this young lady in prayer, that she will have a successful pregnancy, that her baby will be born healthy (no sickness nor complications) and that she will not have to return to the lupus medications. LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE! He did it again! Healed another woman of lupus! Join me in the celebration! Let's sing and dance before the Lord our Healer! This was the young lady, that was sick with lupus, that God told me to bless with a copy of my book-"I SERVE YOU THE BACK OF JESUS." in October of 2015.

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