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Negative factors that can lead to suicide


We pray for children that are emotionally abused in any or all of the following forms: ignored, rejected, isolated, neglected, verbally assaulted, terrorized and exploited/corrupted-(where a child is encouraged or forced to develop inappropriate or illegal behaviors, such as stealing or forced into prostitution.) We pray that parents and caregivers will CREATE SAFE and STABLE ENVIRONMENTS for their children and themselves. They will refrain from calling their children names such as "stupid" or "lazy" and phrases like "good for nothing," "you'll never amount to anything," or "you can never do anything right." In the name of Jesus, we pray that parents, guardians, adults, will come to the understanding, that those words can tear at a child's self-esteem; negatively affect their performance at school, work etc..and can drive them to hurt themselves and others. We pray that parents, guardians and adults, will know that each child deserves to be LOVED and RESPECTED, and will daily work at demonstrating that. We pray that caregivers, parents, teachers and adults, who lose their temper and say things in anger that was not meant to be said, will apologize to the child/children, and when discipline is needed, they will administer it in the proper way. In the name of Jesus, we declare that parents, caregivers and adults will look for ways to use words that ENCOURAGE, BUILD-UP and COMPLIMENT children. We thank you God that they will strive to engage in using words like: "you are REMARKABLE, BOLD, RESPECTFUL, ENERGETIC, CONSIDERATE, COURAGEOUS, DEVOTED, STRONG, ALERT, HARD WORKER, FABULOUS, CREATIVE, TALENTED, CONFIDENT, COURTEOUS, KIND, INTELLIGENT, SMART, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME, SUPPORTIVE, HUMOROUS and A DILIGENT. We pray that, parents and guardians will have a relationship with God and teach the Word of God to their children. We declare that our children CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS THEM (Phil. 4:13) Our CHILDREN are MIGHTY MEN and WOMEN OF GOD, WALKING IN GOD'S POWER and HIS ANOINTING, in Jesus name, amen.

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