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Negative factors that can lead to suicide.


"FOR GOD HATH NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR; BUT OF POWER, AND OF LOVE, AND OF A SOUND MIND."(2 Tim1:7) Therefore, OUR CHILDREN ARE FREE from the fear of failure (at school, in sports or on the job) FREE from the fear of attending school, FREE from the fear of taking a test/exam. FREE from the fear of being bullied. FREE from the fear of being ridiculed (getting bad criticism) FREE from the fear of not fitting into "the group." FREE from the fear of disappointment, (disappointing others and themselves- not meeting the expectations) FREE from fear of not being accepted for who they are, FREE from the fear of what people will think about them, their family, about where they live and about their parent's job. Our CHILDREN ARE FREE FROM FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN because God said, "I KNOW THE THOUGHTS AND PLANS THAT I HAVE FOR YOU, SAYS THE LORD. THOUGHTS AND PLANS FOR WELFARE AND PEACE AND NOT FOR EVIL, TO GIVE YOU HOPE IN YOUR FINAL OUTCOME." (Jeri. 29:11, amplified) We pray that our children will know that they are FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE, (Ps. 139:14) that God LOVES and CARES for them, and that they will DEVELOP and MAINTAIN a relationship with Him. We pray that they will know, GOD IS ALWAYS WITH THEM, HE WILL GIVE THEM HIS STRENGTH, HELP, WISDOM and POWER AT ALL TIMES, TO FIGHT AGAINST the spirit of fear. We decree and declare, that OUR CHILDREN EXHIBIT LOVE, CONFIDENCE and CALMNESS in the place of fear, at all times in Jesus name, amen.

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