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Factors that can lead to suicide


Lord, today as we pray for our children, we pray for parents/guardians, that they will not hold their children to, too high of an expectation in academics, sports etc..but to daily encourage them by PRAISING THE EFFORT rather than that of the child himself. For example, they should say, "GREAT JOB ON THE TEST" instead of saying, "you are so smart." Dear God, help parents to come to the understanding that, if at anytime their child were to mess-up or not meet their (the parent's) expectations or standards, it can bring on guilt and lower their child's self-esteem which sometimes pushes them into resentment, depression, and into hurting themselves. Dear God, help parents/guardians, not to constantly bring up pass mistakes of their child; which can bring on that guilt feeling on their child but that parents/guardians would daily ENCOURAGE THEIR CHILD WHILE REINFORCING THEIR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR THEIR CHILD. We declare that our children will know that they are LOVED and APPRECIATED AT ALL TIMES, regardless of the situations in their lives, for God says, " I HAVE LOVED YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE." (Jere. 31:3) "LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS." (1 Cor.13:7b) in JESUS name, amen.

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