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Factors that can lead to suicide


THE VOICE OF THE LORD IS POWERFUL; THE VOICE OF THE LORD IS FULL OF MAJESTY. THE VOICE OF THE LORD BREAKETH THE CEDARS; YEA, THE LORD BREAKETH THE CEDARS OF LEBANON. ( Psalm 29:4-5 KJV) As God spoken and broke the cedars of Lebanon, even now He has spoken and broken every plan of the enemy on the lives of our children. Thou Spirit of harassment that has attacked, and plans to attack our children in the form of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, bullying-cyber bullying, physical violence, property damage, threats, stalking and peer pressure; WE BIND YOU, AND BREAK YOUR STRONGHOLD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! WE COMMAND YOU TO CEASE, IN JESUS NAME! WE DECREE AND DECLARE THAT YOU (SPIRIT OF HARASSMENT) WILL NOT HAVE THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN. YOU WILL NOT USE ANY FORM OF HARASSMENT TO PUSH OUR CHILDREN, TO USE DRUGS, WEAPONS NOR COMMIT SUICIDE, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! We decree and declare that, OUR CHILDREN'S MINDS BELONG TO GOD, THEIR BODIES BELONG TO GOD, THEIR WILLS BELONG TO GOD. THEIR BODIES ARE THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD, AND THEY WILL USE THEIR, MINDS, BODYS AND WILLS TO GLORIFY GOD. In Jesus name! Our children possess; PEACE, CALMNESS, COMPOSURE, EVENNESS OF TEMPER, PATIENCE, SELF-CONFIDENCE, POISE and LOVE, in JESUS NAME! THEY ARE COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS! HALLELUJAH! We bless your name Lord! we praise you! we exalt you! because you are KING of kings and LORD of lords. You are THE ALL-POWERFUL GOD, and YOU HOLD THE LIVES OF OUR CHILDREN IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS, therefore, no devil, will have their MIND, BODY, WILL AND SOUL, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!

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