April 12, 2016

Factors that can lead to suicide




We speak to every tormenting voice that bombards our children. We command you to cease, in Jesus name. Those children who hear voices telling them negative things about themselves, and to end their lives/ commit suicide, whether they are suffering from schizophrenia or whether they are under demonic attacks, we plead the blood of Jesus over their lives and pray that those with the medical condition will get the medical help needed. 
Lord, we pray that parents, guardians, caregivers, will monitor the things/activities their child is exposed to, to avoid inviting demonic presence in and around their child: for example, movies, TV shows, games, music etc... Instead, we pray that our children will be exposed to the WORD of God, going to church and given the opportunity to have a personal encounter with God. We thank you GOD, that parents, guardians and caregivers, come to know the POWER OF GOD, DEVELOP a RELATIONSHIP with GOD and learn to FIGHT for THEIR CHILD'S PEACE OF MIND, by PRAYER and CONFESSION of the WORD OF GOD, in Jesus name.
Lord, we pray that men and women of God will rise up and avail themselves to minister to children/families experiencing demonic attacks, "to PREACH DELIVERANCE TO THE CAPTIVES, and TO SET AT LIBERTY THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED." (Luke 4:14-18) In Jesus name, amen.

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