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Factors that can lead to suicide


THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS! In in the name of JESUS and by THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, we speak destruction to every form of violence that has affected, or that is affecting our children in, indirect forms of witnessing or direct forms of victimization, in any of the following areas: physical violence, sexual violence, emotional violence, psychological violence, spiritual violence and cultural violence; whether its source is through the COMMUNITY, SCHOOL, JOB or the HOME. We pray that the fear of God will come upon those individuals inflicting the violence, that they will change and seek the necessary counsel and help needed. Lord we pray, for the victims who, because of this abuse are experiencing, emotional, mental and social damage, resulting in wheezing (asthma some in young children), depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior, anger, slow developmental growth and learning, inability to make friends, inability to feel empathy for others and the feeling of being socially isolated. We pray that they will be removed and protected from these situations, receive the help needed and experience; PEACE, GENTLENESS, KINDNESS, CALMNESS, HAPPINESS, ORDER, HEALTH and LOVE, in Jesus name, amen.

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