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MAY IS LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH. In recognition of Lupus Awareness and in celebration of my Birthday, I will take 30% OFF ALL COPIES OF "I SERVE YOU THE BACK OF JESUS," purchased from SOFTCOVER NOW $8.36 & HARDCOVER $20.26 READ AND BE UPLIFTED! TODAY I CELEBRATE LIFE! I CELEBRATE MY HEALING FROM LUPUS. I thank God, that I am alive and well, celebrating my 52nd birthday today, after fighting lupus for 61/2 years. A period where I lost several pounds, lost my hair, couldn't walk for several months, and experienced 2 mild strokes. I have been healed from lupus for 12+ years and thank God for His healing power, and for the doctors and people He used during the duration of the illness. The book-"I Serve You The Back Of Jesus," is the story of my journey with lupus. For the month of MAY-LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH, I will make my book available at a 30% discount, with the hope that my testimony will be an encouragement to you. To those fighting LUPUS, don't be discouraged, there is HOPE! ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK GOES TO "LOVE NEST"-A Christian organization that helps families going through a crisis. Please click on "Love Nest," for more information.

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