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Breaking News From God's Love Nest Foundation: FIVE YEAR OLDS JOIN FORCES TO RAISE HUNDREDS FOR

The K-5 Class of Victory Christian Academy, 8491 Chamberlayne Road Richmond VA 23227 , raised $986.75 in three weeks for God's Love Nest Foundation.

These 13 Kindergartners, with their parent's and teacher's help, made and sold homemade baked goods, received payment for chores done at home, participated in a Run-A-Ton, sold Hot Dog Dinners and received monetary donations from family and friends.

Heartfelt thanks to these wonderful 5 year olds, their parents, teachers-Mrs. Rhonda Harris and Ms. Bonnie Greggs, the principals and supporters, for their hard work and contribution to God's Love Nest Foundation.

We pray God's increased blessings, in every area of your lives.

This contribution will be used towards the purchasing of land to build the home for families going through crises. If you would like to be apart of this wonderful project, please feel free to make your donations (one time or monthly) online at the Love Nest page under contributions click on donate. You can also mail your checks to God's Love Nest Foundation: 5505 Chamberlayne Road Richmond, VA 23227.

P.S. - Love Nest is now a non-profit organization. Its new name is God's Love Nest Foundation.

God's Love Nest Foundation Welcomes K-5 Class At Tuckahoe Library

After Sharing God's Love Nest Foundation's History & Mission with Kindergartners, Parents, and Teachers; We Prayed For the K-5 Students and Their Families

God's Love Nest Foundation Receives Check of From K-5 Class

Love Nest Says Thank You To K-5 Class By Giving Each Child A Gift Basket

K-5 Class Was Delighted To Receive Their Gift Baskets

Students Enjoying A Snack Provided By God's Love Nest Foundation

K-5 Class & Teachers with God's Love Nest Volunteers- Lois Francois and Lydia Heelu

Pictures of K-5 Class Engaged In Fundraising Activities

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